Masters Show 2019

Comics & Graphic Novels

Work on display:Comics & Graphic Novels

Danny Barnfield

In the autumn of 1940, Adolf Hitler gave his infamous “Das Piggly Wiggly” speech. It was during this speech...

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Riky Christian

The whole story will revolve around how a man named “Eindride” lives his life. His thoughts of pain and joy,...

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Amy Galloway

‪An exploration of identity, family and personal achievement told through the eyes of a female wrestler. GUTS is...

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Philip Holdsworth

On the first day of training for insurance agents, they're asked, "What IS insurance? It's a promise." Who else...

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Holly Fishman Crook

Over a thousand years after the events told in Shakespeare's Macbeth, Britain has wound its way back to feudalism....

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Emma Oosterhous

My work is a collection of short horror stories told through the framing device of young girls at a sleepover...

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Rayne Zaayman-Gallant

What if you only had five seconds left to live? They say that just before you die your life flashes before your...

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Gabriele Zubauskaite

Choice is a graphic novel about a young woman’s experience where she realises how choices throughout people’s...

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