MFA Art & Humanities

Nicholas Brodie

My art practice is about entering into a quiet conversation between myself, Dundee and it's people. My work attempts to overcome the limitations of more traditional scientific methods of measuring a place, such as birth and mortality rates and the price of property. These narrow constructs of what defines a city are inadequate in distinguishing one place from another. Instead, my work is based on an alternative idea; that an imaginative process is needed to reveal a much greater understanding of the identity of a place and people.

My artwork consists of sculpture, audio recordings, and photography. My sculpture work involves transforming everyday found disposable objects such as cigarette ends and bus tickets into artwork. I aim to elevate these everyday objects by casting them in bronze, or preserving them in wax making them more permanent before re-integrating them back into the city where I originally collected them from. These objects have all been moulded in some way by the hands or lips of the inhabitants of Dundee. They all contain traces and marks left behind by these individuals. I intend to commemorate and preserve these objects which represent individual moments of privacy during everyday life in Dundee. My photography and audio recordings work in a similar way preserving traces of both Dundee's industry and its inhabitants giving greater significance to daily life in the city.

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