Masters Show 2019

Art & Humanities

Work on display: Art & Humanities

Kate Bell

I view my creative practice and this body of work as a form of dissenting therapy in response to the impact of mind...

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Alexis Bernstein

The aim of my final show is to show the Dundee City Council and community that natural plants and urban...

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Nicholas Brodie

My art practice is about entering into a quiet conversation between myself, Dundee and it's people. My work...

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Ryan Gill

My work explores the human narrative. I pull sources from art history, film, literature and theoretical concepts....

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Xinyun Gou

As I sat thinking on the seaside, people whispered from time to time in my ears. There was laughter, noise, with...

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Ana Hine

My work is an attempt to understand and articulate the experience of trauma, including pregnancy loss. It has an...

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Li Huang

The theme of my paintings is about my personal feeling to my father who has been in the other world for a long...

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Chunchen Li

My artworks gain inspiration from my surroundings, fantasy story, and imagination. Using metaphorical techniques to...

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Paul Lowther

As an artist I am primarily interested in the connections between objects. With the aid of ratios and formulas I...

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Cal McKeon

A performance that seeks to challenge the binary notion of gender and to discuss coming out of the closet in...

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Kiera Marshall

At Ease! is a command I was taught as a child. It means to stand in a relaxed position but also to be silent. My...

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Donna Martin-Dilley

Paint, Plaster and Print: Unmasking Representation

I am interested in revealing the act of...

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Lara Orman

‘Darkness within Darkness is the gateway to all understanding’ (Tao Te Ching) Through lithography printmaking...

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Katie Hart Potapoff

Eadar dà lionn | Sinking Into Thin Places

eadar dà lionn (edər da: LʲũːN) 1 semi-submerged,...

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Steven Sheath

My artistic voice is derived from my observations of the effects of human technological development on the...

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Kris Thomassen

The Myth of Solhodet and their last Priest and Pilgrim

In this series, glimpses of an unknown myth are...

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Glenn Tommy Torkildsen

The works are based on a series of experimental drawings, where the main focus was to explore the aesthetic outcome...

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Kara Thorndike

Freedom? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it mean.

This installation is...

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Simon Tozer

Made primarily with laser cutters and printmaking, Simon: Wrote in Scotland is a balancing act of poetry, writing,...

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Agata Urbanska

As technology advances, so does our need for flexible identity. Our singularity is no more, as the one face that we...

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Veronique Wechtler-Malcolm

My work is concerned primarily with the relational - the multiple ways in which we encounter the world - and the...

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Our distinctive course will develop your potential to become a critically informed artist and theorist. You will study Fine Art at DJCAD and Philosophy in the School of Humanities.

Masters Show at University of Dundee