Masters Show 2019

Animation & VFX

Work on display: Animation & VFX

Lou Kolodziej

Most of my work has revolved around my research into Diversity and Media specifically focusing on Race, Gender and...

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Xiaofeng Luo

I am a big fan of game, so I decided to make a game animation. I tried to combine some games with animation and...

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Karthik Manokaran

I am Karthik and I aspire to be an FX artist. I have tried my best to implement all that I have learned over the...

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Rita Meireles

Lynda, a 1950’s housewife lives a gloomy black and white life. The household and the monotony of the day-to-day...

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Neha Menon

"We don't create a fantasy world to escape reality. We create it to be able to stay." --Lynda Barry


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Carlos Olaechea Ravello

“Do Not Touch” is a short 3D Maya animation rendered in Unity about following indications, and what may happen...

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Apostolos Paschalidis

Project Maternity is the pinnacle of my Masters Research. It draws inspiration from the work of many artists,...

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Jemima Shannon

Birds of a Feather is a solo project I have been working on since early May. The story manifested itself after I...

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Jemma Tansley

Ecdysis is a short film which follows the unique journey of a young individual as they come to understand and...

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Mengyao Zhao

My name is Mengyao Zhao. I have always been interested in animation. I have a great passion for creating 3D models...

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