Masters Show 2018

Product Design

Work on display: Product Design

Hanying Cao

SS is a two-part product that is a machine that unilaterally shares or sells ideas to designers and companies for...

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Rowan Jack

An important part of Christian religious practice is going to church on a Sunday, but what if you are housebound...

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Zoe McMillan

Our senses play a significant role in how we remember. Particularly focused on haptic memory, ‘Tact’ explores...

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Jack Mitchell

We are raising our children to grow up in a world defined by technology that we ourselves barely understand. I...

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Jacqueline Owusu

Plagiarism in the design world is a really important issue and as more people turn to the internet for work...

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Xiaoqi Shen

There are many different types of sound, from the natural to the man-made. A sound is a transfer of energy as it...

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Beth Spowart

In this digital age, many young adults who have grown up with the internet are indifferent about sharing personal...

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Rebecca Williamson

By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Eight million tons of our plastic waste enters the...

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Kelsey Wishart

Tone of voice allows us to express ourselves in different ways without changing the words we use, but for some...

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