MSc Forensic Art & Facial Identification

Lynn Morrison

The exhibition piece is a life-size model of 'Bowed Joseph', a cobbler who lived in 18th century Edinburgh. Despite standing less than 4 foot tall, and having a body buckled by rickets, Joseph was a formidable leader of the people, campaigning on behalf of the city's poor. He could gather a mob of 10,000 within an hour by marching through the narrow streets, banging his drum. Respected by the populace and feared by the authorities, 'Bowed Joseph', or 'General Joseph Smith', is said to have had Edinburgh under his control. He died around 1780, having fallen from the top of a stagecoach following a day drinking at the Leith Races. His skeleton is now on display in the Anatomical Museum at The University of Edinburgh. This project involved a manual facial reconstruction onto a 3D print of Joseph's skull, and the creation of a fully clothed mannequin body. Also on display will be 3D prints of his skeleton, at half life-size, and of his skull.

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