MSc Forensic Art & Facial Identification

Desirée Davis

My research investigated the recognisability of facial composite images produced on three separate systems: EvoFIT, Facefit and PRO-fit. Stage one of my research involved constructing the facial composites with "witnesses" using the cognitive interview technique. Using 10 target photographs of characters from the British television show, EastEnders, each witness viewed one target for 30 seconds before returning within 24-48 hours to construct a likeness. A total of 30 facial composites were produced across the three systems of the 10 targets. In stage two, these facial composites were then sorted by system into three otherwise identical questionnaires and the general public was invited to try to name the characters depicted. Participants not only named the facial composites but also the real target photographs with the understanding that those who were unable to name the photographs would be unable to name the facial composites. Any participants who could not name the photographs were excluded from the consequent data analysis.

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MSc Forensic Art & Facial Identification

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