MSc Forensic Art & Facial Identification

Charli Hardcastle-Foster

My work involves the facial reconstruction of a Neanderthal adolescent skull found in France at an archaeological site in Le Moustier, providing the Neanderthal skull with the name of Le Moustier 1. Different Forensic Art techniques have been employed during the production of the reconstruction, including tissue depth markers to estimate the general shaping of the face. However, due to the skull’s rather turbulent history, the sculpture also relies strongly on artistic licence, particularly for the facial features which do not have muscle attachments directly located on the surface of the skull. The exhibition features a manual facial reconstruction cast in silicone and three-dimensional prints of two known versions of the Le Moustier 1 skull, created from previous casts. An additional print has been included within the presentation, which combines the mandible of one cast with the cranium of the other, and forms the basis of my own reconstruction.

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