Masters Show 2018

Art, Society & Publics

Work on display: Art, Society & Publics

Ken Bambury

My art practice is concerned with the facilitation and engagement of people with nature, by creating art work in...

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Lauren Gardiner

Through facilitating acts of drawing, my practice questions how society shares and understands its experiences with...

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Tessa Gehringer

My pieces for this show capture my experience in emigrating from one side of the Atlantic to the other and the...

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Jen Lightbody

My current practice looks at confession and seeks to investigate and propose what making a confession looks like in...

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Marsaili Roberts

My Masters project investigates a complex conflict of heritage, home, contradiction and environmental concern. I...

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Craig Sims

"These fragments I have shored against my ruins".

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Carl E Smyth

There’s a thick theatre curtain closing off the curved corner of the Cooper gallery. The curtain is closed and...

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Rosemary Taylor

Manipulation of material such as text, textile, thread, rope and paper forms the basis of my current practice....

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Blake Lazarus Venus

BLV is an alchemist. RONNALD will be a star. Ancient and modern in our ideology, personal and societal...

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Charis & I (Charis Edward Wells)

Spoken word, performance and dialogue exhibited in the form of video and live participatory events, explore themes...

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Joshua Wilson

My work gives greater prominence to processes involved creating the subject rather than the product. Through my...

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Our unique course will develop your practice through study of the inter-relationships between art (production and the artist’s role), society (current societal issues) and publics (diverse audiences).

Masters Show at University of Dundee