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Serena Manganini

I am not my body but my body is me. The impetus behind my work is to represent the often painful gap between “soul” and “physical body”, while valorizing the sublime that stems from this duality. Being aware that we are made of flesh and bones, in fact, is a thrilling and a terrifying experience at the same time. The violence channelled through the internet, the media and the film industry might anesthetize the perception of ourselves as mortal beings, but my art wants to trigger a moment of “epiphany” in which the spectator remembers that she/he is made of organic matter, that she/he is alive, that bodies are far from abstract perfection. The moving image is my favourite medium since the movement is the power of the living creatures. I combine 3D animations, 2D animations, drawings, paintings and collages into heterogeneous sequences in which the eerie, the uncanny, merges into the beauty of being fragile. My imagery is populated with metaphors and symbols able to connect the domain of spirituality to the world of physical processes.

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