MFA Art & Humanities

Paola McClure

My work is concerned with precariousness and solidity, with objects that stand on the tip of the tilt, with bodies in motion and at states of rest; bodies which are caught at a chiasmus, at a point halfway from tick to tock, that examine the tension between the robust and the vulnerable. Initially embarking on the exploration of organic forms, experimentation has taken me through the use of 3D printing, resin casting and foam carving, to arrive at and embrace the use of concrete, wood and metal as materials that possess a more innate solidity, and lend forms a more rooted nature, allowing me to better express my intended aesthetic. For inspiration I take my cues from both the natural and built environment. In the urban landscape I look to the towers and chimney stacks that surround us and stand, to paraphrase architect Charles Moore, in sympathetic allegiance with our upright posture. In nature I find a touching beauty in monolithic columns and seemingly impossible rock formations where weathering and erosion has carved structures into forms that seem to poise on teetering tiptoe at absurd variance with the solidity of the materials from which they are hewn. As objects that veer towards the abstractly figurative, my sculptures act as silent sentinels or capricious entities that express notions of gravity and fragility, of endurance and impermanence.

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