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Louise Ritchie

I am engaged in playful material improvisation and inventive processes that explore the formal and philosophical dualities of objects and spaces. These approaches form hybrids that embrace both the original identities of the materials and thought processes, but fuse these into altered, shape-shifting material states. Exploring various materials and processes, I have uncovered a deep resonance with bronze, ceramic forms, drawing and a dual process of waterless lithography and screen-print on Perspex. Expanding the inherent properties of these specialisms offers a physical challenge in terms of harnessing new processes and provides me with components that I can choreograph or orchestrate to suit. The lost-wax bronze casting has given weight to the learning experience as the objects capture the essence of paper notes and drawings produced during lectures and seminars. The drawings express an invisible rhythmic response to tonal vibrations as experienced through music and colour. The high frequency of the fluorescence employed transmits a visceral illumination through the Perspex. These adlibbed visual conversations articulate a fascination with the impact of one object on another and the multi-layered threshold that hovers between one state and the other. That interaction is a push and pull that casts light, plays with perception, mirrors and vibrates between the metaphysical thinking around objects, their properties and how we 'see' them.

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