MFA Art & Humanities

Leena Nammari

Being a Palestinian is an overwhelming state of being. It feeds and starves, angers and delights, conceals and overwhelms, constantly educating the person who is, and those who are close. As such a being, I feel it is my duty to look, to record, to observe, to comment, to educate and inform. I have used subtle hints, prods, and reminders that the ongoing issue of Palestine is ever present. I photograph to remember and to remind. 
Susan Sontag wrote in her introduction to Don McCullin’s book (2001): “We may understand through narrative, but we remember through photographs.” I have photographed places long forgotten, dismissed, unnoticed, and yet long cherished. I revisited these places, recording them consciously, trying to preserve something of their essence. Using cyanotypes, ceramics, bronze and prints, the show expresses a subtle narrative littered with my eclectic curiosity in the art of making. Having studied printmaking as an undergraduate, worked in print workshops, taught printmaking techniques, and made my own work in the vast umbrella called printmaking, I have been constantly pushing the boundaries of what is print. The MFA has given me the option of exploring other media, pushing my thirst for knowledge down new unchartered avenues, and yet, in my mind, it is all part of the ethos of printmaking, never rigid, but fluid in its adaptability. I truly am a printmaker, as all life is printmaking. Portrait photograph by Colin Douglas Usher.

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