MFA Art & Humanities

Jenny Rayner

My work has developed out of my fascination with the natural world and humanity’s relationship with and within it. Influenced by present observation and archaeological and environmental study, this work has come out of an exploratory and thoughtful artistic process involving walking in tidal landscapes with my young children and exploring the qualities of different natural materials in and out of the studio. It explores and negotiates liminal spaces, relations between human and non-human, blurring definitions in order to perceive ourselves within a 'deep' ecological relationship with the world, the universe, seen and unseen, around us. I love to use spirals and circles in my work because their forms are present throughout the universe and time, to me they are a natural and congruous way of describing being; the processes involved in working with clay and water, the spiralling, circling motion of centering, throwing and turning pots on the wheel, recycling the clay. These elements, forms and processes are an ever-present reminder of the cyclical nature of life and death, growth and decay, that all things are a part of. This huge whole that we're involved in, all entwined and held together in a delicate sublime balance.

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