Masters Show 2018

Animation & VFX

Work on display: Animation & VFX

Anna Nilsson Axenstig

My name is Anna, I have a background as a 2D artist who specialises in character design and likes to do a bit of...

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Ryan Clarke

'Feet Don't Fail Me' is a short 3D animation about music and the power it has on people, to completely change their...

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Amir Ghadiri

I am a CGI generalist, I am specializing in Character Modelling, Environment Modelling, and Texturing. I have a...

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Diebrig K├╝chler

As a 3D artist I specialise in modelling, texturing and rendering. Having a background in art and interior design,...

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Leah McEwen

Cure follows our character through a fractured landscape searching for a cure as she slowly loses herself piece by...

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Regina Ohak

One summer evening four friends go for a swim after hanging out on the beach. The viewer is invited to take part of...

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Shashank Sharma

"Blessed Bliss" is a story of a homeless kid with a social message. The idea for the story was derived from a...

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Tao Shi

I have always been fascinated with animation. Combining 2D and 3D arts have become my passion since being a Masters...

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Dalila Trovoada

Folktales, myths and legends have been presented through storytelling in ancient times by communities of diverse...

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Konstantina-Dafni Xourafi

I am an animator, concept/comic artist and illustrator, wanting to specialize in concept art and general visual...

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