Masters Show 2017

Forensic Art & Facial Identification

Work on display: Forensic Art & Facial Identification

Interaction Design is all about designing interactions with content, objects and places––and thereby new interactions with each other. This usually involves digital technology––mobile apps, digital products, etc.––but we are more interested in the people we design for and with: values that we share with the Social Digital group, alongside Product Design and Interior Environmental Design.
Our work is often playful, but with serious intent, crafted yet thoughtful. This year it includes an city tour augmented by projected graphic novels, an app for discovering craft beers and an interactive mat to support intensive workouts.

Namy Culpin

I have been looking at the level of accuracy that is necessary for a computer to identify the face of a human...

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Sean Fergus

Scaphalocephaly a specific type of Craniosynostosis — A condition where a baby is born or develops an abnormally...

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Gustavo Faúndez-Salinas

The aim of this research is to examine whether there is a correlation between varying the witness' visual field of...

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Charles Ritchie

In CCTV imaging analysis the current norm is to compare standardised photographs of a suspected individual with...

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Dagmara Roguska

The exhibited work is a facial reconstruction from the skull of the Bushman, also known as San People, brought from...

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Tamsin Watson-Darby

The aim of this project was to create a facial reconstruction of a male, human skull, with the hopes of forming a...

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Digital Interaction Design is all about being creative about how digital technology will affect our everyday lives. This doesn't just mean computers. Digital technology is almost everywhere - from mobile devices to intelligent clothing.

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