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Zuzanna Dominiak

I am interested in pushing the boundaries of comics as a medium and creating experimental forms. My main project is an investigation of language acquisition through the comics medium, which often relies on non-verbal forms of communication. This is a perfect choice, as this project is centred around feral children. They were separated from language from a very young age, but in some cases developed very high non-verbal communication skills. This has lead me to experimentation with the form and use not only the words and images to present the story, but also employ the structural elements (panel borders, gutters and speech balloons) as part of the storytelling. I have also explored the similarities between architectural planning and comics pages. I then used this process to create a three dimensional comic.Aside from that I am interested in creating comics essays, referencing work of other artists and collaborating with other creators and writers.I also co-create the webcomic Monty and Zuzu’s WTF?! with Monty Nero and draw dogs and fish in my spare time.

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