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Graham Johnstone

It’s Renaissance Florence, and Paolo Uccello is too obsessed with the new science of perspective, to worry about actually making a living from painting. When his wife pressures him to secure a commission, he promises an epic battle series for a local godfather: slowly it dawns on him what he's taken on, and the consequences if he fails. It’s the 17th Century Dutch Republic, and after young Johannes Vermeer sees his mentor Fabritius killed in the Delft gunpowder explosion, he struggles to make art that justifies his survival, and to support his expanding family In ‘The Eyes of the Artists’ great painters across the centuries face turning points in their art and lives. This series of comics aims to capture the realities of their lives, speculate about their inner perspectives, and illuminate the creation of their key works. The featured image is the opening page of the Vermeer chapter, it was digitally created, and based on his painting View of Delft, 1660-1661 The work I have completed on the Masters programme will place me well to launch my career in this field, with a two-pronged pitch to graphic novel publishers: an anthology about different artists, or a whole book on Vermeer.

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