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Lise Olsen

I am a responsive artist researching and collecting stories by embracing uncertainty, in-between a sphere of space and the sonic. My process involves recording and editing sound to create fragmented realities. To allow the sound to build its own narrative and give the listener’s subconscious an opportunity to find their own significance, in-between noise and the sounds of human speech. Exploring themes of the embodied experience of the in-between, I have worked on a collaborative project called ‘The People’s Story’ at the McManus Museum. I interacted with different community groups by opening up a dialogue involving the public as co-producers and developed a site-specific work called ‘The People’s Story Soundwalk’. I used sound as an augmented reality, in-between the virtual and the real, examining the ‘Making of Modern Dundee’ and ‘Dundee and the World’ exhibitions. For the Master's exhibition, I have produced an experimental sound work by creating an ‘Ambisonic Soundfield’. A technique used to place sound into a full-sphere surround sound space, an alternative to the horizontal plane found in surround sound production. I composed fragmented conversation by editing sound recordings from the museum and placing them into a new spatial arrangement. My research uses a diverse range of presentation methods, with a particular interest in my blog ‘Dundee Donders’, used as a place to document and explore different relationships between, the museum, visitors, and its collections.

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