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Gemma Connell

The Past is a Foreign Country (Installation) This installation brings Gemma’s hip hop research and the below performances of together through a collection of broken, graffitied bookcases, a live bibliography to share knowledge of the issues discussed in each project and accompanying publications. The production and set up of this installation has been inspired by Gemma’s practice in “The Remix”. Through this practice, Gemma engages in re-workings of existing works, objects and text to create new pieces. Somewhere North of Here (Performance) There’s an unprecedented pride in being from the North. But sometimes that pride becomes dangerous. With the result of the UK’s EU referendum, many people began to reconsider their feelings towards where they are from. Somewhere North of Here looks at the cycles of political behaviour throughout history, how a Northerner once ran North and is now noticing others running behind her. Lies My Parents Told Me (Performance) The current state of global affairs make today an opportune time to consider that the world is not what we thought it was when we were young. One of the issues with our distorted view of the world, lies in the stories that our parents told us; the advice they gave. Some of these words now ring sourly false. Lies My Parents Told Me investigates the generation gaps that grow wider everyday; how the words our parents used to keep us safe are no longer relevant in today’s world.

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