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David (Cully) McCulloch

The intention for my MFA show was to work across a range of exhibiting possibilities and media thus combining various understandings of art made for public and society. Only one video based work will be located in the Copper Gallery at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design. Other works will be shown in off site locations. These include marble plaques in the 5 windows of Nomas* Projects on Ward Road and a series of billboard posters for the Sharing Not Hoarding space located in Slessor Gardens. One of the reasons I have chosen to exhibit ‘out of white cube’ space is to address the question of where the public might expect artwork to be shown in a ‘final’ MFA show. By locating my work elsewhere I am making my artwork available to the wider ‘public’. The effort made by those who seek it out after coming to the art college and realizing it is elsewhere will help to strengthen the importance of the need for relational engagement between art/public and artist/public.

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MFA Art Society and Publics

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