Masters Show 2017

Art, Society & Publics

Work on display: Art, Society & Publics

Sue Beveridge

This body of work was made in response to my art residency at Forward, London. Forward is a charity committed to...

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Louise Cartwright

The practice developing is concerned with creating a relationship between words and interpretation through...

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Josh Cavanagh

My current practice aims to develop relationships between a piece of artwork and an audience. My current method...

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Gemma Connell

The Past is a Foreign Country (Installation) This installation brings Gemma’s hip hop research and the below...

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C. M. Conte

C. M. Conte is an artist, working primarily with photography, printing, and bookmaking. She uses photographic...

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Lyndsey Gibb

I’m a printmaker, it’s what I trained in as an undergraduate and it’s the area I spend my days working in...

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Darryl Gowans

Process driven and creatively agile; as an artist I’m adept at transferring my particular set of skills to almost...

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Helen King

Art-chitect (Noun) A person carrying out research through the practice of combined consideration and...

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735 Formerly known as Callum Mackie

Music Performance and photo-montage are influenced by DIY and Popular Culture, using a diverse range of materials...

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Stuart McAdam

I've involved myself in a variety of actions, activities, and events over the course of this year, each with...

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David (Cully) McCulloch

The intention for my MFA show was to work across a range of exhibiting possibilities and media thus combining...

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Kay McKellar

Kay McKellar is a fine artist working with poetry, text based art, social media and public participatory workshops...

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Vittoria Miulli

Vittoria Miulli is a Chicago based artist who has worked to create a body of work that reflects the human...

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Lise Olsen

I am a responsive artist researching and collecting stories by embracing uncertainty, in-between a sphere of space...

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B. D. Owens

B. D Owens is presenting two works: Tainted Luck and Another Impasse Tainted Luck is a multi-disciplinary...

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Claire Yspol

My art practice explores the materiality of language and the waywardly poetic qualities found in everyday life. My...

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Kristian Zara

This is a part of the work which consists of 40 (appx: A4 size) pieces sewn together and creating a single one. ...

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Siqi Zuo

My current work describes the relationship between mobile phones and human. The artworks on show are divided into...

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Our unique course will develop your practice through study of the inter-relationships between art (production and the artist’s role), society (current societal issues) and publics (diverse audiences).

Masters Show at University of Dundee