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Gordon MacKenzie

My practice is photography and my research focuses on how people see themselves, and how we as viewers see and form a notion of the identity of others.    Do people identify themselves solely as an abstract social construct? Is it fixed or always fluid, and --if it is constantly changing --how does our visual identity show, establish or deny this sense of self?   If it is possible to truly capture identity in pictures, is it fleeting? Can photography convey something of the psychological conception of the individual’s self? My photographic work examines the entanglement of personal influences and external settings. I examine what someone reveals, looking to represent how one conveys personality, or appears in any given time and place. I use photography as the means to explore visualisations of subjective thought processes, the embodied self, gesture, pose, attire and the subjects’ relationship to his or her environment in an attempt to answer these questions.   If a picture has the power to fix or disrupt the idea of self, what occurs between the image and the self? What is self in relation to subject and object? (Clarke 1997)

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