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Paul Brown Unit for Visual Impairment - see Disability Services


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Personal Development Planning for students (PDP) - see Undergraduates and Research Postgraduates (see the MyPDPpg reference)

Personal Transferable Skills - see list on Students page

Personnel Services - see Human Resources

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Physical Education - see Institute for Sport and Exercise


Plant Sciences

Playgroup - see Childcare

Points Based Immigration System - for Students | for Staff

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Policy Statements and Regulations


Polyhandicap Initiative - see Profound and Multiple Impairment Service

Postgraduate and Postdoctoral training - see Organisational & Professional Development (OPD)

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Postgraduate Portal - see Library CITE Them Right Online

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Profound and Multiple Impairment Service (PAMIS)

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Prospective Students

Prospectus - see also Undergraduate Prospectus, Postgraduate Prospectus, and Distance Learning Prospectus

Protein Phosphorylation Unit (Medical Research Council)


Public Health - see Dundee Epidemiology and Biostatistics Unit

Public Relations Office - see Corporate Communications (Press Office)

Pure - Research Information Management System

Purchasing - see Procurement Office