X-Ray Crystallography

Determining the atomic three dimensional structures of large biological molecules, to link protein structure with function and rational drug design.

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The X-ray Crystallography Facility provides instrumentation and expertise to help researchers crystallize biological macromolecules and determine their three-dimensional structures by X-ray crystallography.  To aid crystallisation we have access to Mosquito and Oryx nanolitre crystallisation robots alongside dedicated incubation and imaging equipment. Diffraction analysis can be performed using our in-house Rigaku Micromax 007HF-M X-ray generator equipped with a Rigaku Saturn 944+ CCD detector. Access is also available at both Diamond and the ESRF synchrotrons via a group BAG allocation. 


  • Rigaku M007HF X-ray generator equipped with Varimax Cu-VHF optics, a Saturn 944HG+ CCD detector and an AFC-11 4-axis partial χ goniometer.  An Oxford Cryosystems Cobra provides cooling at the sample position. 
  • Access to a Douglas Instruments Oryx dispensing robot capable of 100nl drops 
  • Access to Art Robbins Scorpion for robotic generation of crystal optimisation screens 
  • Semi-Automated crystal soaking and harvesting facility to increase the throughput of compound screening campaigns 

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