To book a study desk please read the guidance then click on the link at the bottom of the page to book.

Following Scottish Government and University guidance, we are committed to ensuring that the Library is a safe space for everyone. Measures are in place to limit the risk to staff and students including clearly marked directional systems, socially distanced study spaces, building occupancy limits, and the provision of hand sanitiser and other cleaning products.

Please note that the use of face coverings is mandatory inside all Library buildings in Scotland. For the safety of everyone using the building, please also maintain 2m social distancing and wipe down your study space before and after use using the sanitising products provided.

Study spaces are limited due to the need to maintain social distancing, so we have implemented a booking system to ensure fair access.

How does the booking system work?

  1. Simply select your location, zone and category of space from the drop-down menu and click on show availability.

      Please note there are 5 categories of space available in the Main Library

  • Browse book stock
  • Study Desk with a University PC
  • Study Desk
  • Quick Print 
  • Presentation Pod

At our Fife Campus Library and Medical Library, there are 3 categories of study desk available

  • Browse book stock
  • Study Desk with a University PC
  • Study Desk
  1. Select your study space and the date and time you require it
  1. A confirmation email will be sent to your University email address

Booking conditions:

  • Browse book stock - bookings are for a 1-hour period, for a maximum of 2 hours per day
  • Study Desk and Study Desks with PC's - bookings are for 2-hour periods, no maximum each day
  • Quick Print - bookings are for 30 minutes, maximum of 1 per day
  • Presentation Pod - bookings are for a 1-hour period, for a maximum of 2 hours per day
  • All desks are numbered - you must sit at the desk number you have booked, which will display a green tick
  • Bookings will lapse 20 minutes after the scheduled start time - If you book a space, you must use it
  • Bookings can be cancelled or amended, prior to the start time, using the link in your booking confirmation email
  • Bookings are available for up to two weeks in advance

Additional Guidance

  • Face coverings to be worn at all times in the library - medical exemptions apply
  • Maintain a 2m social distance
  • Follow directional signage

Use this link to make your booking: 

Book a study desk


Further help

Floor plans of locations within Main Library

Video guide to booking a study desk via our website

Video guide to booking a study desk via our app