If you need to conduct a survey or questionnaire, the Library & Learning Centre can assist you, whether you are an academic, a researcher, a student or an administrator.

The key resource offered by the University is the Jisc Online Surveys tool.  This is available to all staff and students free of charge, and is managed by the Survey Service based in the LLC.  Training sessions are available on request, and advice and support is always available - email LLC-Surveys@dundee.ac.uk for details.

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Accessing the Jisc Online Surveys tool

First, you will need to email LLC-Surveys@dundee.ac.uk to set up a Jisc Online Surveys account.

Once this has been done, you access the Jisc Online Surveys tool from www.onlinesurveys.ac.uk.  Use the login details you have been provided with when you registered for an account.  Extensive supporting documentation and guidance is provided once you are logged in.

Please do not create a Demo (free) account as the University of Dundee has no control over this type of account (which is time-limited to 30 days).

Other Survey Tools

There are many free survey products available on the Internet, including SurveyMonkey, Surveygizmo and Qualtrics.  You should note, however, that data gathered and stored using these survey tools is usually the property of the host company, and often not subject to UK Data Protection regulations.  For legal and intellectual property reasons it is therefore recommended that you do not use such tools if your research or survey is being conducted on behalf of or as part of your work at Dundee University.

Statistical analysis tools

The University offers access to several professional-standard statistical evaluation tools to help you make sense of the data gathered from your survey or questionnaire.  These include SPSS for quantitative or statistical analysis and Nvivo if your research is more qualitative or text-based in nature.  Both these can be downloaded for free from the Apps on Demand service on staff and student PCs.