As one of the busiest buildings on the City Campus, with a high footfall of students throughout semester, we are pleased to be able to offer the entrance foyer of the Main Library as a venue.

Bake sale cakes

Recognised University societies or clubs may book the foyer to hold a fundraising bake sale or to sell tickets for a fundraising event. Individual students and members of staff may also book the space to raise funds for charitable purposes. All bookings must be made in advance through our LibCal online booking system and are subject to approval and confirmation.

To maximise the fundraising potential

  • only one event per day is permitted
  • societies, clubs and individuals are limited to one event per week and three events per semester.

How to book

Note that bookings are normally for a weekday 9.00am - 5.00pm, even though you may only be present for part of that time. However, if there are special circumstances, you may email the Library to enquire about whether an evening or weekend event might be possible.  

  • All applications are handled via our LibCal online booking system.
  • Please follow the instructions on the Library Foyer/Bake Sales screen, providing all mandatory information and as much optional information as possible.
  • Applications are subject to approval and, to avoid your request being rejected, please ensure that you have read the full Guidance notes and comply with points 3 and 4 in particular.
  • You will be advised by email that your request is being processed but the booking is not confirmed until you receive an email stating that it has been approved.
  • In the event that your request is rejected, a reason will be supplied and you will have to submit a fresh application which addresses the lack of detail or any other problem highlighted. 

The optional information requested as part of the booking process will be used to publicise your event, the aims of your society or club, or the work of the charity you support in the What's On section of the LLC website.

On the day

  • For security reasons, please report to Reception to register the start of your event.  
  • Posters and notices may not be displayed on doors, walls or windows.
  • A table (150cm x 75cm) is provided but must not be positioned so as to cause an obstruction to library users entering or leaving the building.
  • Two plastic chairs are available from Reception if you require them. These should be returned once the event is over.
  • If your event involves the sale of cakes, or other food items which have been approved in advance, you are required to display a Disclaimer notice which is also available from Reception.
  • To minimise congestion in the foyer, please try to limit the number of bake sale helpers present at any time to just two.
  • The foyer must be left clean and tidy after the event.
  • Please report to Reception to sign out once the event is finished, and to return the chairs and Disclaimer notice.

Bake sale stall


Guidance for Society, Club, Charity and Commercial Activity on Library Premises

(1) The University libraries exist for the primary purpose of providing for study, resources and academic meetings. The cafe, vending machines, notices and other support activities are all designed to support this primary purpose.

(2) From time to time, the University may carry out promotions for defined University or community-based activities that are relevant for the patrons of the libraries. These will be minimal in impact and minimal in physical presence.

(3) The Main Library permits recognised University societies and clubs, or individual students and members of staff engaged in fundraising, to make an online booking to operate a bake stall (or similar) in the entrance foyer. Only one event per day is permitted and societies, clubs and individuals are limited to one event per week and three events per semester. Every online booking is subject to confirmation. Produce for sale may be cakes or other approved goods (articles such as sandwiches, drinks, soup and second-hand goods are likely to be refused). The operator is also required to display a disclaimer notice which is available from the Security Desk. This reads:

The University of Dundee allows students to host bake sales on LLC premises to raise money for charitable organisations or University Societies, but has no liability for products consumed from this stall. Food preparation is done by the students themselves. Please be aware that consumption is at your own risk.

The notice should be returned to Security once the bake sale is over.

    (4) Societies, clubs and individuals authorised to run a bake stall may not campaign, promote activities other than social or sporting activities, or promote philosophies, religions or politics at that bake stall. The bake stall and those operating it (maximum of two) should not cause an obstruction to Library users entering or leaving the building. The entrance foyer must be left clean and tidy after the event.

    (5) To ensure Library patrons are not overwhelmed with charitable opportunities, no charity promotions, collections or other activities (other than bake stalls in the entrance foyer) are permitted in the libraries.

    (6) Commercial promotions are not permitted within the libraries. From time to time certain places may be designated for the display of a low number of leaflets for a service which is judged to be of interest to students. No posters or leaflets are to be displayed or distributed on Library premises without permission.