Update January 2021

The following list of services and opening times for all our libraries is the current arrangement under Level 4 restrictions and the latest Scottish Government guidance, but is subject to change at short notice.

Opening hours from 18 January 2021

Main Library:  9am – 2pm, Monday – Friday (no evening or weekend opening at present)


Opening hours from 23 January 2021

Main Library:  12noon - 5pm, Saturday and Sunday

                        9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday

DJCAD Library:  currently closed. If the Matthew building re-opens to Undergraduates, the library will re-open with limited hours – under review pending further clarification

Ninewells Library: accessible by swipe 24/7 for Medical, Nursing students and NHS staff

Kirkcaldy Library: 9am – 2pm, Monday – Friday (no evening or weekend opening at present)

Museums & Archives: closed. Archive, museum and information governance staff have limited access to the collections and will only answer essential research enquiries and information requests.



  • Self-entry and self-service only. ID cards required for access to Main Library, Ninewells Library and Kirkcaldy Library. No staff assistance at entrances
  • All discussions and interactions between students and staff must be online only; virtual help services available
  • Access to print resources is via a no-contact click & collect service utilising the open foyer of the Main Library with bookable collection slots, or postal delivery.
  • Books requested from DJCAD Library to be collected from Main Library
  • No access to book stock for browsing in any of the libraries
  • Students must book via LibCal to use a study space
  • No physical group study facilities available, but a 24 hour Zoom licence may be booked via LibCal to enable students to interact virtually.
  • A limited number of rooms in the Main Library are available to academic staff for recording or delivery of teaching material, by arrangement only. Please contact llc@dundee.ac.uk 
  • Access to print resources is via a no-contact click & collect service with bookable collection slots, or postal delivery.
  • Library staff (minimum levels) will service click and collect requests & postal loans when the building is closed to students

Opening hours for the Main City Campus Library over the winter break have been revised and it will be open from 9 am to 6pm every day, including Christmas and New Year’s Day.

In line with Level 4 restrictions, from 26 December the Library will be open for essential study only and booking of individual study spaces is required via the LibCal service.

We cannot accommodate any group study or interaction over this period, from 24 December to 4 January. There will be minimum staffing on site. If you have questions for the library staff please pursue these online, rather than in person in the Library.

Main Library opening hours from 5 January to 17 January will be reducing to 9 am to 2 pm to allow staff to safely operate postal services and click and collect services in the afternoons.

Ninewells Library is accessible 24/7/365 for Medical and Nursing students with card access activated.

Kirkcaldy Fife campus Library is closed 24 December to 5 January. We will update on arrangements beyond that date in due course.

DJCAD Library is closed 24 December to 5 January. Again, we will update on arrangements beyond that date in due course.

Face coverings must be worn at all times in the Libraries and 2 metres social distancing respected at all times.

Update November 2020

Picture of board with COVID restrictions for Tier 3 

Covid-19 levels in the population of Dundee City have increased and Scottish Government and University guidance has been clarified to require alignment of Library activities with the Tier 3 regulations. For the University Libraries this means making a few adjustments to ensure student safety and staff safety at this time.

The Library will continue to require:

  • Face coverings must be worn at all times in student areas, unless you are exempt in line with Scottish Government guidelines
  • Entry to all Libraries will require the scanning of your student card at the entrance for Government Test and Protect obligations
  • Study spaces to be booked in advance via the Desk Booking System
  • Social distancing of 2 metres must be maintained throughout the Library, which is reflected in the reduced building capacity. Chairs must not be moved and floor markers should be followed to reduce the risk of social contact.
  • Prior to printing, credit must be added on your Pay2Print account online. Instructions on how to add credit can be found here.
  • Food can only be consumed within the Café area

However, the following Tier 3 changes are being made:

  • Group study space will no longer be facilitated within the Libraries
  • Browsing the book shelves will require a timeslot to be pre-booked using our Desk Booking System. Look for ‘Zone’ > ‘Browsing book stock’
  • The Café area will not be accessible when the Café outlet is closed
  • We will be following the University’s COVID code disciplinary procedures where a ‘Yellow Card’ may be issued, upon non-attention to an initial warning of breaches of the above

We appreciate your patience and understanding in following our guidelines which are aligned to the Government guidance. This will ensure that we can continue to open the University Libraries for long opening hours and this that all local students have access to a private study environment, IT facilities and physical resources. 

Further guidance

If you have any questions relating to the above please contact the Library using our chat service or by emailing llc@dundee.ac.uk.

You can also find a helpful video made by the University Librarian, Richard Parsons, showing what to expect when you visit the library in our September Update below.

Update September 2020

Quick tour of new layout in Main Library


We have been rearranging our Library facilities to ensure Covid-19 safety is maintained for all.  

This involves carefully following the Scottish Government guidance and changing the operation and design of the Library services to minimise the opportunity for the spread of the Covid-19 virus, while permitting the use of study desks, PCs and Library resources. This is not an easy compromise, but we are doing everything we can within the guidance to ensure access.  

All users of the Library facilities will be required to follow the arrangements outlined below. This approach has been developed in discussion with students, and we can continue to receive feedback and develop the approaches, while ensuring safety for all.   

Opening dates 

Currently all of our libraries will be open from 22 September 2020 except DJCAD Library, which opens Monday 28 September 2020.

  • Libraries, Archives and Museums are accessible before this date for research purposes on an appointment basis  

  • Medical Library open at Ninewells to Medical and Nursing students using activated swipe card access  

  • Fife Campus Library in Kirkcaldy opening from 14 September 2020  

  • Main Library re-opens to students on campus - 22 September 2020  

  • DJCAD Library re-opens to students on campus - 28 September 2020  


Face coverings and Test & Trace requirements 

Face coverings must be worn at all times in student areas, unless you are exempt in line with Scottish Government guidelines. This also applies to staff.  

Entry to all Libraries will require the scanning of your student card at the entrance for Government Test and Protect obligations. This is compulsory.  

Desk booking system in place for all study places in Main Library 

From 5 October onwards, a desk booking system will be in place in the Main Library from 7.30am to 11pm.  

Study desks may be booked for a maximum of 4 hours per student per day, up to two weeks in advance.  Study desks can be booked using the new Seats system in LibCal. Links to this are available on the Library website and the University mobile app.  

The Main Library will remain open until 2:30 am and booking is not required from 11 pm to 2.30 am. 

Capacity levels 

We need to maintain 2-metre (six feet) physical distancing throughout the libraries. This means a reduced number of desks are available, around 30% of our normal. 

Occupancy levels are: 

  • Main Library – 520 desks 

  • Ninewells Library – 92 desks 

  • DJCAD Library – 28 desks 

  • FiFe Campus Library – 16 desks.  

In the Main Library 126 desks are available with University PCs, and we are working with IT to increase this to 250 PCs. Five stand-up PCs are available for a maximum of 10 minutes without a booking, in Ground Floor area of the Main Library. 

The majority of group work will need to occur online as we cannot accommodate this within the libraries at this time. No separate rooms are available for booking. 

In general facilities are in Quiet study mode (limited quiet conversations only).  


Printers are operating as normal in the Main Library.  You need to have credit on your Pay2Print account before you can print using a Pay2Print printer.  More information on printing.


Sanitisation facilities are provided to enable the spraying and wipe down of keyboards, mice and desks. Please complete this before and after your study session.  

An option to self-check forehead temperature is provided at Main Library entrance.  

Food and Drink 

Drinks (hot and cold) may be consumed throughout the Main Library, food may only be consumed in the Café.   

The DUSA Café in the Library will be open for takeaway and limited service for Café tables only. Drinks may be taken into all Main Library areas.  

Books and Resource Access  

Students with a Study Desk booking may browse the shelves and take books to study desks.  

Books are not to be returned to shelves, but must be placed in quarantine bins provided. They will be safely returned to shelves in 4 days. With this in mind, please consider if you really need a book before removing it from the shelves. Physical copies of current periodical publications will be removed. 

Students may visit Libraries to access shelves and resources directly, and then self-issue books and leave the Library.  

Click and Collect service is available online for those who require resources and can be uplifted near the Library entrance. Please use the normal Library reservation system.  

Service Desks 

Student direct contact with staff is minimised using remote systems for entrance and enquiries as far as possible. This is to protect both students and staff. When staff are in attendance at service desks, screens are provided to minimise direct contact. 

Incident management plans and Library closure plans have been prepared in case of any incidents or further restrictions being put in place.  

Respect for all 

Our libraries are among the main hubs of student activity on our campuses. We appreciate there will be significant demand for our services, and we will do all we can to meet your needs. However, we must ask that all users of the libraries show patience and follow the guidelines which have been in place for the health and safety of all. 

The procedures above must be followed or the Library physical services may face further restrictions. As soon as is safe to do so, and in line with public health advice, we will seek to increase capacity and available services.   

Thank you 

Dr Richard Parsons 

University Librarian