What happens in reviews? 

Books/AV material checked: new editions, new titles, ebook availability*, and sufficient copies of existing material based on Importance assigned & student numbers on the list.  Stock acquired

Journals/articles: link checking /e-access to article or ownership of print. Over 90% of our journal subscriptions are available electronically. 

Webpage/website URLs are checked. 

Emails (from llc-bibliographic services or llc-eresources) will be sent if material is not available for purchase or weblinks for non-subscribed or owned resources are broken or no longer exist.  The list owner will then be able to update/correct/remove the item.    If there are queries, the Review will still be completed with queries and the list owner will be informed of these.

How long does it take? 

A lead in time of 6 weeks prior to the start of teaching is the ideal timescale to allow checking of lists and stock acquisition to be achieved.

Once checking starts our aim is to complete within 3 weeks – dependant on list size, and amount of checking required.

Bookmarking material from Library Search saves time - we only need to check the student numbers on your list to ensure that enough copies are in stock/purchased  

Semester 1, 1&2 2019/20 Lists

Published on or by


Stock ordered

Links checked

02 August 2019


Yes *


23 August 2019

Added to queue

Added to queue

Added to queue

13 September 2019 onwards

When time permits

When time permits

When time permits

Supplier order times:  in stock items available within 3 weeks

*More obscure material/out of print/on order abroad may take longer to arrive

What if I've only added/changed/removed a few items on my list?

This will take less time than a new or major revision of a list. However, the 3 week timescale still applies - your short list will still be in a queue with lists of unknown length.    


The Library & Learning Centre has an ebook purchasing policy, if available for institutional purchase with good accessibility and licensing provision.  Recent developments allow ebook links to be added to Reading lists – Reading List Patron Driven Acquisition (RLPDA).  These titles will only be purchased if a student reads the book. Usage reports can be made available. Ebooks are usually available within 24 hours of ordering (Monday- Friday).  RLPDA will be available immediately via the Reading List

Print Books 

Stock items with Library Contract Suppliers are normally available within 3 weeks.  Non stock and specialist orders will take longer.  

Out of print, a single second hand copy, in good condition, if available at a reasonable cost and may take longer to source.   

AV material should be available within 3 weeks unless specialist or on order from abroad

If material (in any format) is unobtainable, we'll email the list owner to let them know.