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This page includes information on training, user guides and video guides, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Remember to publish your 2019/20 lists! 

Make the link 2019-20

Go to ReadingLists@Dundee.
Sign in with your University username & password (the link is in the top right hand corner).
Use the search box on the front page to locate the draft list (using the module code is best).
Having selected the list, you should see the 'Edit' button and drop down menu.
If you wish to make changes (e.g. to student numbers or levels of importance) or to add or remove resources, select 'Edit list' from the drop down menu.
Check the list is linked to the correct module.
When you are satisfied everything is as you want it, select 'Publish' from the drop down menu to make the list available to students. ‌
A published list is automatically sent for Review.

Reviews process

Why should I use ReadingLists@Dundee?

The importance of providing clear and consistent information on what students are expected to read (or view!) to support their learning is recognised by the University's Policy and Guidance on Reading and Resource Lists.

The ReadingLists@Dundee software is easy to use, simple drag and drop functions allowing you to

  • add a wide variety of resources to your list
  • indicate the relative importance of individual items (essential, recommended or further reading) and whether the student should purchase their own copy
  • organise the list in a way which reflects the way you will teach the module
  • add value by annotating the list.

It also allows you to check whether a recommended resource is available through the Library, alerts you to more recent editions of a textbook, and enables you to discover which are the most viewed items on your list. ReadingLists@Dundee integrates with My Dundee to provide a direct link to the prescribed resources from within the virtual learning environment.

Make scanned chapters/articles available on your list

There's still material which is only available in print, that you wish your students to read e.g. a chapter or section, but don't need (or we can't get) huge numbers of copies.

The CLA licence allows us to scan (digitise) chapters/extracts/articles from printed material, for students to read.  These can now be requested and made available via your reading list.  Existing PDFs are now in cloud storage, and if a chapter/article has already been digitised for another course, and you request the same material, it will be automatically linked by the system to your reading list.

For further information see Digitisation

For detailed instructions see the LLC Digitisation Service & Reading Lists guide.

If you have any questions, please contact

I don't use My Dundee to support the modules I teach - can I still use ReadingLists@Dundee? 

You can attend one of our regular training sessions. We can also arrange tailored demonstrations and/or training for individuals or groups - email

Training sessions

The Library & Learning Centre provides training sessions for staff involved in teaching. These classes are a practical introduction to the use of the software, showing staff how to create a reading list for a module and make it visible on My Dundee. To enquire about arranging a session for a group of staff from your School please email

Find out more about how to use Reading Lists on our Reading Lists Training libguide.

Video guides

There are also some short Jing videos produced by the LLC. These videos require Flash Player and therefore cannot be viewed on an iPad.

Setting up a profile (this allows academic staff to take ownership of their lists)
Bookmarking webpages and YouTube videos
Managing your reading list
Linking your reading list to your MyDundee module

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). 

What continuing support will there be? 

We're here to support you in any way we can. Just get in touch. Email