It is important that a module's reading list is comprehensive and up-to-date, and accurately reflects the way the module will be taught.

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Every reading list is rolled over once a year and the list owner (the academic member of staff in charge of the module) is invited to review, revise and re-publish it. As part of this process, the lists from a time period which has ended are archived. Thereafter they can no longer be discovered via the search boxes on the LLC website and the ReadingLists@Dundee home page, and are no longer directly linked to the module on My Dundee.

To access an archived list (e.g. for Semester 1 2017/18) please use the Microsoft Excel spreadsheets provided. Select the academic year required, choose the appropriate time period, locate the Web Address of the list, and copy the address into a browser. If you experience any difficulty, or cannot locate the list you require, please contact the Reading List team.

Lists from academic year 2014/15
Lists from academic year 2015/16
Lists from academic year 2016/17
Lists from academic year 2017/18
Lists from Academic year 2018/19