We offer this support page to help users of the EndNote bibliographic reference manager software in importing records from Library e-resources.

We have tested these procedures with EndNote X7, but they will probably work with other versions of EndNote too. 

EndNote X7 

EndNote X7 is available to all staff and students using the Managed Desktop for Staff and the CLT desktop for students and teachers and may be obtained from UOD-IT for installation on other computers in the University. To use the full EndNote software on your own computer outside the University you will need to purchase it (at discounted rate) through the following link http://www.bilaney-consultants.co.uk/endnote-chest

EndNote for Distance Learning Students 

Distance learning students and those who wish to work off-campus can set up a free account to use EndNote online (a simplified version of the EndNote desktop, with fewer features) through our subscription to ISI Web of Knowledge.

This software can be used to store a copy of your main EndNote Library, or it can be used as a stand-alone product, and can be set up to interact with Word on your own laptop or PC. 

To create an EndNote online account follow this link

http://libguides.dundee.ac.uk/az.php?q=web%20of%20science (you will be asked to sign in).

Go to Customize Your Experience (right hand menu) and Register with your University of Dundee details. Fill out the form which follows, creating a password. You will then again reach the Web of Knowledge site, now with an EndNote tab included.

Once you have registered, you can access EndNote online on or off campus, by signing into the My EndNote web site with your email details and chosen password (you will not have to sign in through the Institutional Login process each time). 

Useful training links:

The Library & Learning Centre regularly offers hands-on training courses in using EndNote software. For further details please contact us

Importing records from e-resources 

You can import records for books and journal articles into EndNote in two ways:

  • searching the resource (e.g. a database) and downloading records into EndNote (this is generally the preferred method)
  • connecting to the resource from within EndNote itself (via the menu Tools → Online Search)     

Downloading records to import into EndNote 

Most bibliographic databases allow you to download records in a form suitable for importing into EndNote, but the procedure is very different from one resource to another. You may be able to download the records into EndNote straight from the web, or you may have to save them to your downloads folder and use the Import option from EndNote's File menu - the method depends on the resource and how your web browser is configured.