Further information about our Higher Education (UUK/GHE) licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency. 

Licence restrictions 

Provided that the material is published in the UK, by a publisher with a global mandate with the CLA,  or in one of the scanning mandate territories, and not on a list of excluded works.

We may scan

  • One chapter or 10% of a published book, whichever is the greater. This includes notes, references attached to a chapter.
  • One article from an issue of a journal, or a set of conference proceedings.
  • One short story or poem not exceeding 10 pages in length, from an anthology of short stories or poems.
  • One entire case report from a published report of judicial proceedings

We may not scan extracts from newspapers, maps, charts, printed music,worksheets, hymns. See Excluded categories.

  • Each scanned extract must include a copyright notice giving the details of the original, and the course that it has been scanned for.
  • We can scan from digital originals, but it is usually more practical (and flexible) to link to the digital original.
  • Scanning for personal use is not covered by the licence.

Access to scanned material will expire at the end of the module.  The Digitisation Service will send out renewal emails, but if your module changes semester, please contact llc-resources@dundee.ac.uk to renew material.

Dates for Digitisation availability are tied to resource list time periods:

Resource List Time period

Dates of  Digitisation availability

Semester 1 2016/17           

1st September 2016    -         31st December 2016 

Semester 2 2016/17

1st January 2017          -          31st July 2017 


Semester 1 and 2 2016/17

1st September 2016    -         31st July 2017

Summer 2017

1st May 2017              -          30th September 2017

Academic year 2016/17

1st August 2016          -           31st July 2017

Calendar year 2017

1st January 2017         -          31st December 2017

Please remember to factor in the timing of your Blackboard module rollover, for semester 1 renewals, and also the Christmas break into renewals or new requests for semester 2. 


Breach of terms of the licence 

It should be noted that any users found to breach the terms of the

licence may be subject to the University's disciplinary procedures. 

What's not covered 

Requests for more than:

  • One chapter or 10% from the same book for the same module.
  • One article from the same issue of a journal or set of conference proceedings.
  • More than one short story/poem from an anthology, for the same module.
  • More than one case from a published report of judicial proceedings, for the same module.

If you wish to use more than one chapter from a book for the same module, the CLA run a 'Second extract permissions service '.  If a publisher has opted in to this service, we can obtain a price (per student per page) immediately, for the second extract, and proceed if it's acceptable.   Otherwise, we would have to contact the publisher directly - they can take some time to reply.

Alternatively, you can look for an electronic version of the work that we can purchase, or see if the material has been published as open access, perhaps in a university of subject repository.

Please contact the Digitisation Service if you have further questions. 

Material Published in the U.S. 

     U.S. Publishers now opt-in to the licence, so there is no blanket guarantee that U.S. published material is included under the CLA licence.

Each request will be checked on an ISBN by ISBN basis, using the CLA Title search tool.

  • Select Licence type - Higher education
  • Usage type - scanning
  • Then search by ISBN

Requests or queries should be directed to the Digitisation Service