The quickest way to begin your search for library resources is to use Library Search.

You can search across all types of academic resources, including eBooks, licensed journals, institutional repositories, newspapers and freely available academic content on the Web.

It uses a technique called "Web-scale discovery" to allow you to enter your search into one search box and get results from this wide range of sources.

Library Search is available alongside the many other subject based resources available. Library Search provides a convenient way to start your research investigations from the LLC website, and from within My Dundee. We are continuing to develop this service, add resources, and enhance the links to full text - your feedback can help us improve it even more.

What are the main features?

  • One single search box, to search across all content
  • Quick - results are returned instantly
  • Full Text Online filter - only show results where full text electronic access is available
  • "Did you mean?" feature offers alternative spellings and suggestions
  • Location information - can ask to see only the results from Law or DJCAD for example
  • Bibliographic export - can export into EndNote and other popular citation managers
  • Availability - availability information is shown directly with the results
  • Full search - can search for results out with our own collection

How do I use it?

Type in your search terms and click "Search"- just like Google! However, all the results will be from quality academic sources. You can then refine your results using the filters on the left of the page:

  • Show only - you can choose to view only Full Text items, only Peer-reviewed articles.  Searches can also be limited to items Available in the Library (typically print books)
  • Refine My Results - narrow your search to Books, or Articles, or other type of resource.  Use the Date slider or fill in the boxes to focus on certain date ranges.  Narrow your Topic to particular subject areas
  • Suggested New Searches - this feature may provide links to related subjects and authors to help focus your search
  • Expand My Results - this increases your numbers of results, and normally works by adding in results from specialised subject indexes.  Usually we will not have direct online access to these additional results, so it may take longer to obtain them (which can be done through our Inter Library Loan Service)
  • Click on the blue (online) title links to reach full text
  • Locations shows where the title is held (Library and class mark)
  • Request allows you to place a reservation on the title
  • Reviews & Tags this feature allows you to rate and review titles (after login)
  • Virtual browse shows book covers and class marks for related titles held at Dundee
  • Where Articles have a No Full-Text marker, go to Services, to see if we have the print version of the Journal, or to the Inter Library Loan service, if you wish to request it.
  • Recommendations uses information gathered from academic institutions worldwide to provide links to related journal articles
  • Results can be exported to EndNote by clicking on the Actions option (seen on any of the main tabs e.g. View Online, Details, etc.) choosing either EndNote, or EndNote Web as preferred
  • Results can be saved to your e-Shelf using the Actions option

Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like more information on searching academic resources or using this new search service, please get in touch with the Library. Common questions that you may have are answered below:

The Library email being

You can narrow your search results to find just books by selecting Resource Type 'Books' from the right hand menu.  You can select your preferred library site under Collection.

Try clicking "Advanced Search" option, and choose title (exact) from the dropdown menus. Note that Library Search may not find the details for every article or resource.  Sometimes you may need to search a more specialised subject database.  Your LLC Subject Resources contact will be able to help you find specific resources for your subject too.

Clicking the title of a full text result takes you to the website of the publisher of that article, and they can vary greatly in appearance and operation. Sometimes you may be given details of the article again, and will have to click on links to full text PDF or HTML versions to open them. Unfortunately, sometimes you may be taken to a search page, or to the webpage for the whole journal and not the article. You can try to locate the article from there, or click on the "other options for obtaining content" from the Link To banner at the top of the page.

We currently cannot license all journals in an electronic format. The LLC license as wide a range of material as possible, and some of this is available electronically. If an electronic article that we license is found in your search results, it will show up as full text. If a journal article is not shown as full text in your results, then it is referring to the print version.

Sometimes extra authentication is needed to let you access an article that we have subscribed to. This will be more common when you are off campus. You are required to authenticate yourself, using your usual username and password, then you can continue as normal.

New results can be saved to your e-Shelf.  To use and access the e-Shelf you need to Sign in to your Account.