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VitalSource E-books

We currently have temporary access, during this COVID-19 period, to a variety of new and additional resources from Library suppliers and publishers.  One of these is the VitalSource E-book service, which we have until the end of June 2020.    The VitalSource platform hosts a wide range of e-books from a variety of publishers.   Register on the site and create an account which will allow you to download up to 7 books (in total).  Most of the books on VitalSource are not available online through our Library Search service, and are offered to help support students and staff who are currently unable to borrow print books from the University Library service.  A VitalSource support document is available. 

Please take the opportunity to investigate the other online resources which have been made available whilst our Libraries are closed to visitors.  All are listed on the same guide as the VitalSource books.

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