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Trip is a clinical search engine designed to help find high quality research evidence to support practice and care.  The service aims to ‘Find Evidence Fast’, locating research evidence, and also helps find other content types, such as patient information leaflets, images, videos and news items.

The University of Dundee has recently purchased TRIP PRO – an upgrade to our existing TRIP search service.  Trip Pro contains over 100,000 additional systematic reviews, plus medical images and videos, and allows the export of records to Reference management software (eg EndNote).  Content is regularly added from PubMed and other sources, and full text journal articles are available where the University of Dundee holds subscriptions.  You can set up a personal account on the site, which will allow you to save articles using the ‘Star this’ icons, and to set up Alerts to receive new content notifications.

New features are regularly added, such as the ‘Latest & Greatest’ (to help find very recent and highly viewed content).

Short videos on how to get the best out of the database are also available. 

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