British Library Sounds

The British Library Sounds service provides online access to a selection of the British Library’s extensive collections of sound recordings.  The collections are arranged by themes, and contain many unusual and interesting materials.

Accents & dialects – this collection includes the Opie collection of children’s games & songs, and recordings of WW1 British prisoners of war held in Germany.

Arts, Literature & Performance – includes interviews of people involved in British art, and readings, lectures and discussions on Caribbean poetry.  The Institute of Contemporary Arts series of talks and discussions, featuring leading writers, artists and filmmakers,  between 1982-1993, is also presented.

Oral History – includes a wide range of interviews with people living in Britain during the 20th century, such as Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, disabled people, and  key people involved in social welfare, banking & finance,  Law, and many other fields.

Other collections include Classical, Popular and Traditional music, and a wide selection of Environment and Nature sounds, ranging from birdsong recordings, to the sounds of wildlife from around the world, Weather sounds, and Street sounds from 20th century Britain.

The recordings on the website are in copyright. Wherever possible, the British Library has cleared rights for full public access, but some of the material is only available to UK higher education institutions.  To gain access to these recordings, you will need to conduct an initial search,

 use the red ‘Get 1000s more tracks!' box,  and then log in using your University of Dundee username and password, to enable access to further material and download. Users can also register individually on the site if they wish to make notes, add tags and manage items using favourites and playlists.

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