All University of Dundee staff and students have full and free access to Solcara, brought to you by the Library & Learning Centre (LLC).


SOLCARA is a legal search tool, used by professionals worldwide, to carry out fast and accurate searches for Cases, Law Reports and Journal articles from key legal resources.


At Dundee, SOLCARA allows you to quickly and easily gather information from databases such as Westlaw UK, HeinOnline, Lexis Library and legal websites, in one single search.

To use SOLCARA, go to login with Shibboleth and 'Click here'.  This will allow you to use the service both on and off campus.

There is a Google style search box, and you can use this to look for specific titles or Cases, or to make general subject searches.  Tickboxes below the searchbox allow you to focus your search to particular content, such as Law Reports.  Up to 50 results will show for each type of resource. 

Results can be saved and e-mailed or exported to Word, and include links which will work both on and off campus.  Searches can also be saved and re-run at a late date, using the small icons at the top of the list of results. 

If you would like any further help with using SOLCARA, please contact

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