Royal College of Nursing online

The Royal College of Nursing online journals (RCNi) database can be accessed via the Library A-Z Resources  by title and there are also links from this entry to a RCN video tutorial on using this resource, plus a RCN You Tube link guide.

For on, or off campus access, use your University of Dundee username and password (note the database display format is better and the access is easier, using the Internet Explorer browser).

Contents: The Royal College of Nursing online journals (RCNi) gives access to ten leading nursing journals to provide health professionals with the latest developments impacting nursing, including changes in policy, practice and research, it also includes the ‘Nursing Standard’ the UK’s best-selling nursing journal, from the Royal College of Nursing publishing company.  Journals include: Cancer Nursing Practice, Emergency Nurse, Learning Disability Practice, Mental Health Practice, Nursing Children & Young People, Nursing Management, Nursing Older People, Nursing Standard, Primary Health Care, Nurse Researcher.

The University of Dundee subscription includes access to the ten titles listed above including archives with content from years 1987- and 2000- and varies per journal.  (Note, the exception of ‘Evidence-Based Nursing’ which is available from another publisher using the ‘Library Search’ box and search by the journal title, then click on ‘Full text available at: Highwire Press British Medical Journal Publishing Group’).

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