Oxford Dictionaries

The Library & Learning centre has a wide collection of online dictionaries and other reference resources, including the Oxford English Dictionary (for off campus access select Sign In, and then ‘Athens/Access Management Federation login’ with the University of Dundee). The OED is the key resource to help with spellings, pronunciation, and the history of words. Interactive features such as the Historical Thesaurus allows you to browse the OED by topic, and you can set up an RSS feed to the ‘Word of the day’.

The Oxford Reference online collection offers hundreds of specialist dictionaries, companions and encyclopeadias across all subjects. Excellent for checking facts and dates, the collection also includes substantial reference works with in-depth articles, such as the Oxford Companion to Shakespeare, and The Encyclopedia of Mammals.  Finally, The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, which offers over 60 thousand detailed biographies of people who shaped the history of the British Isles, from the Romans to the 21st century, is one of our most popular Oxford dictionaries, searchable by date, place, and occupation as well as by name.

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