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Material ConneXion - An online database of new materials and processes which includes over 7000 innovative materials in various categories, covering disciplines such as interior design, industrial design, product design, textiles and architecture.  Entries include a description of the material, properties and the manufacturer contact details.

All University of Dundee staff and students have access to Material ConneXion, plus the Library A-Z of Resources page and on various Library Guides, such as: Art & Media, Communication Design, and Design.

Personal accounts are free for University of Dundee students and staff - Use the Material ConneXion database highlighted link above to access, then follow the on screen prompts, or refer to the "Material ConneXion - getting started guide" for help loggin in, or creating your account.  Use your '' e-mail address and note your MC password should be at least 8 characters long, and include at least one letter and one number.  If you have previously created an account with Material ConneXion, then sign in with your University of Dundee e-mail address and your Material ConneXion password.

Features:  Materials are selected through a strict review process with 40+ new materials that are independently juried into the library every month.

You can search MC by the material name, manufacture name, by country, single/or multiple keywords and the results are sorted by relevance.

Note:  The materials in the MC database are organised by their chemical composition rather than intended use to encourage outside-the box thinking.  The categories are scientific in nature, but are tailored to suit the design community, e.g., Carbon-Based, Cement-Based, Ceramics, Glass, Metals, Naturals, Polymers, Process.

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