All University of Dundee staff and students have access to JISC Media Hub, brought to you by the Library & Learning Centre (LLC).


This database can be accessed via the Library A-Z Resources page at:  (Follow the UK Ferderation login then use your University of Dundee username and password.)

Contents:  JISC Media Hub contains film, video, image and audio resources, copyright cleared for use in Higher Education.  The materials are sourced from commercial television, museums, and academic collections worldwide.

Features:  Gems include documentary films of Scotland (1930s to 1980s); Gaelic & Scots recordings covering folklore, poetry and song;  ITN news items including special features, coverage of major events and raw unbroadcast footage;  images of art and artefacts from the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge and the Getty collections of still and moving images covering major events of recent history.

JISC has produced Search Tips to help.

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