LinkedIn Learning - April update

Amid a historic reimagining of the future of work, we’re faced with an urgent need to transition our society to a green economy to address the threat of climate change. Hiring for green skills grew globally by almost 40%, but it is nowhere near what’s needed; demand for green talent will soon outpace supply (LinkedIn Economic Graph).  
The Global Green Skills Report 2022 provides new data on green skills, jobs, sector trends from around the world, to empower policymakers, governments, education providers and business leaders with actionable insights to help them transition the global workforce to a green economy future. We want to empower you to leverage these actionable insights into your green strategy.  


LinkedIn Learning

The University of Dundee Library & Learning Centre subscribes to LinkedIn Learning (formerly called

LinkedIn Learning offers online video training in a wide range of subject areas, from software packages, to web design, training & education, career development, entrepreneurship, handling stress and anxiety, study skills, and many others.

The videos are included in over 13000 courses, led by experts in their field, and graded from beginner to advanced standard, allowing you to study systematically. The videos are accompanied by transcripts, and sometimes by exercise files, and quizzes.

Courses and videos can be viewed on desktops PCs or laptops, and can be downloaded on most mobile devices using the LinkedIn Learning app (sign in with, as your organization name).

It it also possible, if you wish,  to connect LinkedIn Learning to your professional LinkedIn account, allowing you to add details of completed courses and new skills to your LinkedIn profile.

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