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The IEEE Digital Library, includes journals and conference proceedings from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. Coverage is complete since 1988 and with select content from 1872. For off campus access, select Shibboleth login, then the UK Higher Education group and then the University of Dundee.

You can browse Conferences, Journals & Magazines, plus Standards, by title, topic, keywords (or standards by ICS codes, plus access the online ‘IEEE Standards Dictionary’.  You can also access IEEE Virtual Journals which contains collections of previously published IEEE papers in specific scientific and technical disciplines with added commentary from industry experts. These papers are selected based on their relevance to the topic by an editorial team with strong knowledge in their particular fields.

You can also create a free IEEE account to login, in order to personalise your experience and manage your profile, plus use basic or advanced search options, save your searches and search history and export your citations via the ‘RIS’ download option, which then opens in EndNote.

Note: The University of Dundee subscription does not include full access to the IEEE e-books collection, but you can browse the titles. Plus the list of IEEE’s new gold fully open access journals (accepting submissions from the fall of 2019 and publish their first articles in early 2020) include:

  • IEEE Open Journal of Antennas and Propagation
  • IEEE Open Journal of Ciruits and Systems
  • IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society
  • IEEE Open Journal of the Computer Society
  • IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology
  • IEEE Open Journal of Industry Applications
  • IEEE Open Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • IEEE Open Journal of the Microwave Theory and Techniques Society
  • IEEE Open Journal of Nanotechnology
  • IEEE Open Journal of Power Electronics
  • IEEE Open Journal of Signal Processing
  • IEEE Open Journal of Solid-State Circuits
  • IEEE Open Journal of Vehicular Technology


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