Digimap 2

"Section of Forfarshire LIV.9 (with inset LIV.10) (Dundee) showing Perth Road Dundee and nearby streets" [PNG map], Scale 1:1,800, Ordnance Survey County Series 1:10560, 1st Edition 1849-1899 [TIFF geospatial data], Published: 1865, Ordnance Survey, Using: EDINA Historic Digimap Service,  Created: November 2017

Digimap is a collection of services delivering maps and data of Great Britain to the UK Higher Education sector.  At Dundee, our Digimap services include the Ordnance Survey collection, plus access to historical Ordnance survey map data (through Historic Digimap), land cover map data (through Environmental Digimap), and aerial photography and mapping (through Aerial Digimap).  All these offer complete coverage of Great Britain.  You will need to login with your University of Dundee details and agree to licence conditions before using these services.

Digimap offers a range of standard options, such as viewing maps at one of the pre-defined scales, and downloading and printing maps.  Advanced users can download map data for use with GIS software.  Various gazetteer facilities allow selection by National Grid reference, place names and feature types.

Extensive help is available on the Edina Digimap pages and the Digmap blog offers news and developments. 

Numerous additional services are included, such as citation support (to help with correctly referencing maps and data in essays and theses).

Digimap services have complex licensing conditions, and if you need to know what you can and can’t do with the maps and data, please see licence FAQs.

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