What is Find It and what does it do? 

Find It is a research tool which can speed up your use of the electronic resources provided by the Library.

Find It is easy to use. When searching in many of the databases offered by the Library, look for the Link-to button on the citation details. Click on the button, and a menu will open in a new window, with options for finding the article you need.

The citation will be displayed first, and then a link to full text (if available at Dundee). Click on the full text “go” button, and Find It will take you either to the article itself, or as close as it can (some publishers only let us link to the journal level, not to the specific article). 

What service options does Find It provide?

Link-to is context specific, which means that service options presented will be those most helpful for finding the journal article you need. When available, the first option will be to the full online text of the article.

Another option is the inter library loan form, which is pre-filled by the service. 

Why don't I get to the article itself? 

Find It will get you as close as possible to the article you want. Some electronic journals don't enable linking to a specific article, so Find It drops you off at the table of contents, or publisher's home page, and you need to navigate from there. 

Why are there multiple windows when I'm using Find It? 

When you click on a Find It button, it opens a new browser window to display the menu of services. Selecting a service from the menu opens a third window. You can use “alt-tab” to navigate between these windows. 

Why don't I see Find It buttons? 

  • Check that JavaScript is not disabled on your web browser.
  • Sometimes you have to click on the full citation record to see the Find It buttons
  • Some databases have their own linking facility, for example on Zetoc the phrase “more information about this article“ is used instead of our Find It button.     

Why are there multiple links for full text? 

Sometimes the Library has full text for a journal from several suppliers, so we can link to all of them. If one of the services happens to be unavailable, you can access the full text from another. 

Why is full text not always available? 

The Library does not subscribe to the online version of all journals - this is particularly the case with older volumes of scientific and technical journals. 

When I click on the link to full text I get an error message - what has happened? 

Occasionally the citations in databases have small typographical errors, and mean that Find It does not work properly. When this happens, Find It may just take you to the publisher's web-site, and you can navigate to your article from there.

Sometimes our own links at Dundee may need to be updated - please use the Feedback Form on the Find It menu to let us know if you have a problem. 

What is the bX service? 

You will often find that the Find It menu includes an additional service, the bX recommendations service. This can help you discover other relevant journal articles, and is similar to the user recommendation links seen on services such as Amazon. 

You can also email llc-eresources@dundee.ac.uk if you have any other questions or problems related to the Find It service.