LLC Research Support

The LLC research support team can assist you with Research Data Management (RDM).  Each research project is different and has a differing set of requirements.  We are here to help you navigate a path to good management and hopefully to maximise the dissemination of your work.

The LLC provide support with the creation of DMPs, the deposit and publication of data, assigning (minting) DOIs for data and can advise on compliance with funder policy.  We can also connect you with colleagues in Information Governance and IT to help with safeguarding and storingyour data.



You can sign up through the University Organisational and Professional Development Workshop Programme to attend training sessions on 'Research Data Management at the University of Dundee' and on 'Data Management Plan for Grant Applications'.  

Information Governance and IT also deliver the following training sessions via OPD.

'Data Incidents -What Do I Do?'

'The General Data Protection Regulation'

'Freeing Information and Protection of Data'

'Securing Your Data'


1 to 1 meetings

We can give one to one advice on RDM questions.  If you are new to this process, perhaps an early career or post graduate researcher, and you would like some support with RDM you can contact the team at and come in for a visit.

The team can also review DMPs, however researchers are advised to get in contact a few weeks in advance of submission deadlines.

If you choose to deposit your data in the University repository Discovery we have detailed guidance on making a deposit and other routes to publishing data at the following link.

Time to deposit your data.