What do I need to do?

Write a Data Management Plan (DMP)

The best place to start is with the creation of a Data Management Plan (DMP).  This process will help you devise and document strategies for collecting, organising, analysing, sharing, and storing your data.  It will make your life easier to tackle these issues at the very outset of your work.  Researchers are now expected to produce a Data Management Plan by both Research Funders and their Institutions.  A DMP is an important communication tool.


How to create a data management plan - Look at our guide to creating a data management plan for advice and next steps.

Writing a Data Management Plan


Who needs to create a DMP?

Everyone who is carrying out research regardless of whether there is an external funder requirement must create a data management plan for the information collected during a research project.

The University of Dundee policy that outlines its expectations with regard to research data can be found here.


Plan for your data in grant applications

Most funders require a DMP, this may form part of your application or the reporting you do during, or on completion of your project. If you are unaware of the funder's policy with regard to data management planning and reporting the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) has created an overview of funder policy that is regularly updated. 


DCC also has examples of data management plans and sources of guidance.


Look after your data

The security and quality of your data are your responsibility, equally the University has a role in supporting you to help keep your data safe and secure.  We provide systems for you to store and share your data and procedures to help you guard against data loss.

Data storage and security - where can I put my data?


When do I share my data? 

During the course of your project, you will share data with colleagues in your research team.  You can increase the reach, impact and potential of your work further by making your data openly available.  A good place to start is with the publication of data that underpins your research publications.  The University can support you with the publication and sharing of your data.  In some cases, the journal where you chose to publish will require publication of data - either with the journal, a subject-specific data repository, a funder sponsored repository or with your institution.  Equally, your funder may require data sharing.

Time to deposit your data?