Recording your Research Outcomes using Researchfish

All Pls in receipt of funded grants from funders who use ResearchFish to record outcomes should record their outcomes during the next submission period.

A complete list of funders using Researchfish for outcomes collections

Please note that all UKRI funded students are also required to record outcomes in Researchfish.

The submission period is around the same time each year starting in February and closing in March.  The 2021-2022 submission period is 7 February to 17 March 2022.


What is Researchfish?

Researchfish is an online facility used by research funders and Research Organisations, including UKRI and Wellcome Trust, to track the outcomes from their investments.  PIs who have received funding are asked to log the outputs, outcomes and impacts of their work in the system.

Further details

How do I access Researchfish?

All Pls with eligible grants should receive an email from the Researchfish team with guidance on how to set up an account.  Login

Any access issues or account requests should be directed to

A delegate account can be created against an award to allow another user to enter content on your behalf, see the section below called Adding data to Research for more details.

Pure and Researchfish

Ahead of the submission we load information from Pure to Researchfish.  Included in this are publications which have a relation to an award in Pure. Help us to increase the number we can include in the upload by letting us know the funder award reference associated to your publication and we can ensure the relation is noted on the record in Pure.

When the submission opens, the information loaded to Researchfish from Pure should be checked for accuracy and approved to include in the submission.

Any additional publications, activities, collaborations, datasets etc. not already noted should be entered manually.

Responsibility and Compliance

Who should record outcomes?

Principal Investigators: must complete a submission to Researchfish as part of the terms and conditions of holding a grant from UKRI.  Some charitable organisations also require submission via Researchfish.

Research Council funded students: doctoral students with UKRI studentships report from the third year of their studentship and for three years after it ends.  Students and their primary supervisors will receive an email from Researchfish in January ahead of the submission.

Why record outcomes?

As a PI, a researcher has a responsibility to demonstrate they have delivered value for money from public investment.  The data provided to Researchfish will be used to inform future investment and published on the Gateway to Research portal.  

Sanctions Policy

Failure to complete a submission will lead to sanctions being applied for non-compliant awards.

Full detailed policy

Non-compliant researchers will:

  • lose eligibility to apply for further awards from any Research Council
  • and any current awards will have their payments withheld until such time as the PI becomes compliant

The sanctions will not apply to students, though overall institutional compliance may be considered in making future doctoral training awards.

Researchfish provide online technical support including instructional videos, regular webinars, FAQs and a real time chat facility and a guide to the user interface.

If your query relates to the grant itself, please contact the appropriate funding council directly.

Support for Researchfish

Researchfish provide online technical support including instructional videos, regular webinars, FAQs and a real time chat facility at

A guide to the Researchfish user interface is available at

If your query relates to the grant itself, please contact the appropriate funding council directly.

Adding data to Researchfish

What data needs to be returned?

The Common Question Set


A Common Question Set has been agreed across all the Researchfish Funders.  You will be asked to provide data on a range of outcomes including: Publications, Collaborations, Engagement activities etc.  A full list of the common question can be requested by completing the request form.

Funder specific question sets

Each individual council has a number of specific questions that must be completed prior to the submission for each grant.  Unlike the common question set these additional questions are mandatory.  If there is no information to submit for these sections, use "not applicable this year".

Before submission

  • Ensure that outcomes are properly attributed to awards.
  • Check that the information to be submitted is NOT sensitive or confidential.

Data provided to Researchfish should be as complete as possible, accurate and Non-confidential.

Do I have to enter all the data myself?

You have the option to add a delegate user to your Researchfish account to support entry of outcomes.  Adding a delegate user to your Researchfish return:

  1. Log into Researchfish
  1. Once logged in, on your home screen you will see a section called "My Network".  Click Add new and fill in the invitee details.  Once complete, an email will be sent to the delegate you have provided.
  1. When the delegate has accepted the invitation they will be listed as a delegate on your account.  They will then have access to upload publications on your behalf.
  • Only the Pl can make the final submission, delegates are not eligible to submit.

A delegate user could be someone else in your research group, a research administrator etc.

Making a Submission

Although Pls can use Researchfish to add and edit outcomes throughout the year the submission period does not run throughout the year.  Pls will receive reminder emails from Researchfish as the submission period approaches.  Researchers (including students) will need to log on to Researchfish and submit a return during the submission period to confirm that their information is accurate and complete at that time.

Successful submissions will be confirmed by email.

If you do not receive an email confirmation, please check that the data has been submitted properly.

Nil Returns

Pls should still make a submission for their grants even if they have no outcomes to report.  Only the Pl is able to make a nil submission.

To make a nil submission the Pl must add "not applicable this year" for all the mandatory questions required by their funders on each grant, and then submit.  The Researchfish system will prevent submission from taking place until the mandatory questions have been answered.